Being a cowboy on a Dude Ranch

In 2008 I went on a Dude Ranch for the first time - and fell in love right away. For me - a guy from Switzerland - it was a boyhood dream to go and ride in the wide open prairie of the Wild West or what is left from it.

Boiling coffe over the open fire
Coffe and hot chocolate over open fire
A perfect horse for a trail ride
One of the many horses used for riding.

After my third stay at the Elk Mountain Dude ranch I decided to create a small website as a way to share the photos I have taken with the other guests. While I started working on the site I found more and more pleasure in the thought to dedicate the site to that wonderful place.

This site mainly talks about the Elk Mountain Dude Ranch in Buena Vista, but I’m sure that it equally applies to many other Dude Ranches around the country. Also I would like to talk about the experiences I made as a “rookie” so others can decide if dude ranching would be something for them as well.

  • In the Q&A section you can read about the ranch and some general things you might need to know, before you head out to the West.
  • On the Albums page you get access to images that show what the Elk Mountain Ranch and the surrounding countryside looks like. Some of the albums are private, and are only accessible by password, to protect the privacy of my fellow guests.
  • The Panoramas page gives you access to wide screen landscape photos. You can toggle to full screen mode and zoom in and out of the pictures.
  • The Ranch History gives you a more intimate background on the Elk Mountain Ranch.

Elk Mountain Ranch

Simply the best place for a dude ranch vacation. Visit their website at to see for yourself.